My Quiet Place

Social media is like a war zone now. It used to be my happy place where I have my family and close friends sharing our daily lives. But now everything has changed. Vulgar words are everywhere. Nasty comments, cyber bully, public shame, personal attack, it just does not seem to end. My happy place has turned into a place where friends become enemies...just because of different ways of seeing certain things. I am so sad to see adults throwing words at each other..never bother to think about how much it will hurt.
Now, I'm seeking for a quiet place here. I had many readers in my old blog but i closed it down as i want more privacy now. I feel more relax knowing that nobody is here to read my thoughts. No nasty comments, at least.
I hope we learn to tolerate each other. Try to understand other people, put ourselves in their shoes. And please behave. We have kids who are watching us. How would we feel if they read what we write? How would we feel if our kids wrote all those nasty word…

Stormy and windy Spring...or is it summer now???

I have been going in and out of my blogspot trying to decorate the page and also to put all the blogger's links so that it'd be easier for me to visit. After few days, I am still lost. I can't just figure out on how to do that!! OMG, apa sudah jadi makcik.

Anyway, today the sun is so bright I feel i can just survive on solar power. One plan after another keeps popping up in my head. I should go and tidy up the flower beds outside. Maybe put in new flowers. The strawberry field needs to be cleaned up and replanted. The vegetable field also need TLC for new season. Planning to have potatoes, cabbage, beans and sunflowers there. The new garden furniture we bought last April is still standing on the balcony with no use. The weather has been bad. Storm after storm keeps it is so windy that the chairs were blown away. Have to ask the kids to go and pick them up.

So I excuse myself again for not going out to do all the things I should do. It is May and still it is not…

Bebelan pertama dari North Pole

1st location : Sofa 10.30am Norwegian time

I'm desperately trying to jot down few lines here to show my support to #blogrevivechallenge while my youngest son is screaming *mama, see this.* *mama see that* *mama come here* every 2 seconds. I can't think. My head wants to explode. The only thing that comes up in my head is how to make him stop calling me for the next 10 minutes (like I can finish this in 10 minutes..daaa!) so I can write this piece!! * wait whatapps messages from my sisters keep coming updating me about the by election...* see, to write like this.

In this new home I will avoid writing about politics and religion...I have learnt my lessons well from the old blog I had. :) *wait, Little Elias wants me to watch him successfully flying his remote helicopter*... Ok. Errr...what was it again that I wanted to write before? hmmm don't remember..typical kan..*sigh* Tak kisah lah the main point is no more about politics. Nanti berdetup2 hati dan sega…