Saturday, 5 January 2019

My Hopes and Wishes for You My Dear Daughter

Walk with me my baby girl,
Hold my hand as I am holding yours,
Feel the warmth of my fingers,
Listen to our heartbeats become one.

There are so many things I want to share,
But first, let's walk and feel the earth under our feet,
Let the cold breeze caress our faces,
Look up and see the blue and grey cloud hovering over us.

This life will be so many things to you, my beautiful girl,
And I wish I could shelter you all my life,
Protect you from all the nasty people that could ruin your happiness,
Who would leave scars in your heart, your soul,
Some might burden you with shame that you have to carry and answer for,
I wish I could.
I wish I could.

Thing is my love,
I can only tell you how to protect yourself,
Guard your feelings so it won't fall on the wrong ground,
Listen to your heart but make sure you bring your common sense with it,
Those two have to work together,
You are in danger if you let your feelings control you.

See the best in people,
Be nice,
Help those who need help,
Speak good of others,
Say sorry if you are wrong.
Don't ruin other people's happiness,
Never take what is not yours,
There are things that are not meant for sharing,
And remember,
You don't have to argue everytime you are right.
Pick your fight,
Some things are better left unsaid.
Control your demon so it won't control you.

While you do that, always remember that there are thorns on every rose,
Hold it carefully so it won't hurt you.
People would always judge you no matter what you do,
Let them be,
That is not your problem,
Just keep your path clean, and let them be.

There would be a time your world might collapse over you,
You would feel pain, your heart aches,
Tears wet your pillows,
They stream down your cheeks and won't let go.
Just cry my baby girl,
Let it flow,
Let the pillow wet it leaves horrible marks the next day,
Feel the pain, feel your heart breaks,
Come to me and share your misery as I would understand,
I walked that road too, remember?
And if I was no longer around,
Say a prayer for me and feel that I would always be there, holding you through.

There are so many things I want to say to you, my beautiful girl,
I might not be able to be with you as nobody lives forever,
But my prayers will always shower you all through your life,
Because He is, The Best of Protector.
I pray that you won't come to the crossroad where you have to choose,
But if you do, I hope you would choose the correct path,
I pray you won't commit the same mistakes I did,
For the pain and shame is heavy to carry to the grave.
May He forgive all my sins and protect you from them.

Whatever happens in your life,
If the world comes crashes under your little feet,
It is okay to cry and be sad for a while.
Then, wake up, wear your mistakes like an amour,
For nothing can hurt you anymore,
Stand up, collect all the pieces, build it once more,
For this, my love, makes you stronger and wiser, a little bit more.

Never let yourself drown in the misery, too long.
Your life worth more than that.
You, my daughter,
Worth more than rivers full of diamonds.
Are more valuable than a mountain of gold.

Don't let anything put you down,
I know you would be scared sometimes,
It is okay,
Just remember,
You are Maya Mathilde Khalisa,
You are my daughter,
My flesh,
My blood runs in your veins,
We are strong,
Life may defeat us once or twice,
But we rise and live on.


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